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Desert School

May 16th - May 25th

PRE TRIP MEETING WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29th, at the Boy Scout's Club House (3120 Rainier Ave. S) at 6:30. Bring Checks made out to GHS POST.

Hey Freshmen! I hope you are excited for desert school! Session...

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Post News

FRESHMEN: if you turned in a desert school form by Friday the 24th, then you are on the trip. Come to the meeting this Wednesday (details on D-school page) with checks made out to ghs post.

There is still room in the trip for those that haven't turned in forms!

Contact Lily Rosencrantz 2064348059 or With questions or concerns. 


Congratulations new POST Staff for Spring 2015!!

Anna Matusewicz

Julia Reguera

Laila Marshall

Maggie Emerton

Kylin Brown

Neva Olliffe

Miles Seinfeldd

Keenan Simpson

Liam Connor 

Ben Lindenburg

Will Ojemann

Owen Riddick 

Bailey Tran

David Willner

Klaus Bachhuber

Caleb Stocker

Congratulations to all who made it, and anyone who did not is strongly encouraged to apply again. If you have any questions, please contact Aaron Schecter. 



Garfield Messenger Article about recent POST happenings


Many thanks to Garfield senior Natalie Sharp for writing this article and taking the time to interview everyone and get the full story! Please read below by following the link provided:

Aaron Schechter (206) 331-0895.

Welcome to POST!  Check out this website for the latest news on upcoming workshops, trips, events, meetings and general POST news.

Look here for more information about the program, trips, and events, but also join the Facebook group ("POST"). 



Community Service Documentation: For current staff who need to document their community service hours for staffing trips, look in the forms section under "Community Service Hours for Staffing Trips", and fill out the school district form accordingly. Then get Scotty to sign off on it.

  • Current Staff- Remember you must complete at least 5 hours of POST Community service and attend at least 2 trips to be elligible to come on Desert School in mid-May!


The POST community is mourning the loss of one of its own, the amazing Lina Brown. Lina was killed January 31st, 2014 by an intoxicated driver. She touched the Garfield community with her genuine warmth, and vibrant spirit. Lina led her peers within the Garfield and POST communities with confidence and grace, was a smart and humble leader, and could make the best out of any situation. Lina was a shining star, her presence brightening wherever she happened to be. She is dearly missed, and loved by all who knew her, and by many who did not. May she rest in perfect peace.


What is POST? POST is a student-led outdoors program.


How do I get more involved in the program? The easiest way to get involved is coming on trips! Stay tuned to this website, check out the facebook group as well (called "POST")Feel free to contact any of the EC members or the advisor, Scott MacGowan.  (Look on the contact page for this information).


I have never camped before and I dont have any camping gear or clothing but I still want to come on a POST trip. What do I do? Easy! Talk to the leader of the trip an explain what items you are missing. The trip leader can put you in touch with our gear coordinator, Jackson Aumell (206-948-3171). Most often, we will be able to lend you the necessary gear. You can also talk with friends, family, or other POST members who may have gear that you can borrow. Please, do not feel the need to go out and buy new items for POST trips. Our goal is for anyone to feel comfortable going on POST trips.  


I am a parent who is concerned about my child going on a POST trip and I want to hear more details about the trip to make sure they will be safe: We prioritize safety on our trips, we have emergency response procedures, and make sure that all campers feel safe at all times. All of our student staff is first aid trained, with the majority having 18-hour Wilderness First Aid training certifications. If you want to hear specifically about the details of a trip, your biggest source of information will be the student trip leader. Feel free to call or email them with any questions or concerns. If you feel the need to talk to an adult, please contact the POST advisor, Scott MacGowan.

Stay tuned for more updates, and upcoming trips! If there are any questions regarding POST please do not hesitate to email or call / text /email any of the E.C. (Executive Committee) members  or the POST advisor (visit the contact page for numbers and click on the names for emails).





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We Need Your Help!

POST relies on your support! Your donations will help provide students with essential gear and scholarships. If you'd like to send us a check, call or text Sam Leblanc!

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